Pregnancy Prevention Programs: Benefits of Digital

Explore how digital methods of delivery could make PPP more effective and easier to keep up to date.

Pregnancy prevention programs (PPP) are required when products with known or potential teratogenic effects are indicated for female patients who could become pregnant; they may also be required for male patients when use of a product by the biological father could have negative impacts on a pregnancy. The complexity of ensuring compliance and maintaining effective communication, combined with a lack of regulatory standardization, means that program failures, and therefore exposures to contraindicated substances during pregnancy, do occur.

During the webinar, our hosts — Simon Ingate and Marie-Claire Wilson, drug safety and regulatory experts from Huron’s life sciences business - will cover the issues with traditional pregnancy prevention programs and will explore how digital methods of delivery could make them more effective and easier to keep up to date. We will also look at new ways of approaching the topic for the future, considering whether there is a case for broader provision of information relating to pharmaceutical products and pregnancy.

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