The healthcare industry is under immense pressure to significantly improve outcomes with less resources. To succeed, healthcare organizations must leverage data and technology to optimize existing business operations, improve clinical outcomes and create a more consumer-centric healthcare experience. At the same time, they must innovate existing business models to compete in the future where they will need to not only treat ill patients, but play an active role in keeping them well.

Featured Insights

  • Healthcare Talent Research

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    Huron’s latest talent research features essential insights collected from 718 workers and leaders across the healthcare industry.

  • Integrating and Improving Care Across the Continuum

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    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health and Huron built an infrastructure that allowed the organization to integrate care across the continuum and increase access for consumers.

  • Ambulatory Growth Report

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    Huron surveyed 201 ambulatory healthcare leaders to learn more about their strategies and focus areas for successfully shifting care outside the hospital.

  • Augmented Reality and The Patient Experience

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    Healthcare leaders can further differentiate themselves from the competition and transform the patient experience by investing in the right AR solutions.

  • Data Due Diligence in Strategic Acquisitions, Mergers and Partnerships

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    Healthcare organizations have to plan sooner for data integration when vetting assets in the due diligence phases of a merger, acquisition or partnership.

  • Cultural Transformation and Financial Improvement Enhances Community Hospital

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    Electronic health record integrations and leadership development helped this community hospital transform culture and drive financial improvement.

  • Maintaining A Culture of Safety During Transformation

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    Healthcare leaders can achieve greater financial, clinical and operational outcomes by redefining success in terms of patient and employee safety.

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