Huron Named Winner of the 2023 Workday Partner Innovation Awards in the Financial Services Industry and for the Office of Finance

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Huron announced it was named a winner of the 2023 Workday Partner Innovation Awards in the Financial Services industry category and for the office of finance.

The 2023 Workday Partner Innovation Awards is the third edition of Workday’s annual innovation awards and honors select Workday Services and Software partners for their expertise in and commitment to accelerating innovation to customers, while extending key Workday solutions. Huron was selected for its Bank Margin Planning accelerator, powered by Workday Adaptive Planning, and its Project Cost and Labor Transfer applications, powered by Workday Extend. The Bank Margin Planning accelerator helps banks increase productivity by elevating their planning processes from one-time, manual exercises to real-time, technology-enabled performance assessments resulting in faster budget closing and forecast cycles. The combination of in-depth modeling capabilities including an event-based calculation engine and the increased visibility of an all-in-one, real-time dashboard enables an organization to focus on their core business. The Project Cost and Labor Transfer applications create accounting journals or time blocks to effectively transfer costs or time. The applications deliver a more time-efficient, accurate, and secure process by replacing the submission of paper requests for corrections and a group manually revising time sheets or creating accounting journals to fulfill requests.

Together with Workday, Huron is:

  • Providing banks and credit unions increased visibility and insight, improved scenario planning to mitigate risk, and the ability to properly forecast and analyze business segmentsdown to the contribution level with its Bank Margin Planning accelerator.
  • Combining its industry expertise and office of the chief financial officer knowledge to give end-users more autonomy and reduce manual processes prone to error and security vulnerabilities with its Project Cost and Labor Cost Transfer applications.

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