Healthcare Consumer Market Report

Consumers’ Growing Digital Preferences Signal New Opportunities

With the rise in virtual care and the growth in digital offerings, consumers are more digitally inclined than ever. As demand for digital healthcare accelerates, consumers’ preferences and attitudes toward their providers and care experiences are quickly evolving. These dynamics present significant opportunity for healthcare leaders to find new innovations to grow their organizations and provide better care.

To maintain patient loyalty and remain competitive in a changing landscape, healthcare organizations will have to develop a deeper understanding of the consumers they serve and what influences their healthcare choices. Leaders will need to understand and be able to answer questions such as: What factors are most important to patients and their families? What kind of experiences do consumers value? Which care settings do they prefer?

Huron’s consumer market research provides insight into consumers’ perceptions of their care experiences and the drivers of their healthcare choices now and in the future.

Among the findings:


of consumers report being satisfied with their telehealth experience.


of consumers are digitally inclined and choose healthcare based on access to digital tools and personalized experiences.


of consumers are willing to switch providers for superior virtual care offerings.

Huron’s longitudinal research was completed in September 2021 and is benchmarked against findings first finalized in 2019.

Access Huron’s research to learn more about today’s healthcare consumers, preferences that have the most impact on decision making, and how consumers’ relationships with technology are changing healthcare.

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